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AEN proposes a wide choice of production of harnesses, wiring, etc.

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For several years, AEN has acquired a precious know-how in the manufacture of electronic applications of all kinds.
The concerned domains are numerous: this includes aeronautics, the rail sector, motor sports, and also Industry in a more general way.
Companies working in these sectors, looking for reliable and competitive electronic equipment, have every interest in consulting AEN!

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We produce harnesses and wiring adapted to the needs of our clients. Our ‘methods or design’ service assures our clients the best technical choice - so much in term of components as in the process of manufacture and control. A first rate supplier of the leaders in European military, and aviation industries, we have gained a profound experience in Normative constraints specific to these sectors.
We also produce coiling which can be integrated into transformers, selfs or sensors or even traditional or CMS type circuit boards. During manufacture, these are subject to human verification controlled under binocular vision.
You wish to entrust the task of the production of embedded electronic equipment into a case or a mechanical chassis? Once again it would be wise to contact AEN to obtain a quote. Our cases (wiring technology or wrapping) are elaborated in such a way that they are perfectly adapted to their use.

AEN does not only develop equipment and finished products but also provides diverse technical services. We also offer numerous services such as sheath marking, component coating and varnishing
or even wire testing etc. Finally, we are mobile and come out to our clients, are able to work on design missions or on specified manufacturing. So as to ensure a quality service, we use high quality equipment such as a Synor 402 test bench, or a high precision wire cutting machine. Thus we are able to supply the rail and motor industry with solid and reliable equipment.

who are WE?

AEN is a company created in 1994 by Jean Collignon. In 2001, the company joined the SERES federation. Thus incorporated on a long term basis into an industrial holding of a present value of 270 M€, AEN has consolidated its position in its original aeronautical sector, before taking up a new phase of development in 2010: the conquest of new markets (motor sport, rail ...) and a new clientele (engineering offices ...).
In 2011, AEN’s know-how is consecrated by the obtaining of ISO9001 and EN9100 certifications.
With a turnover of 2 M€, AEN has become an important player in the manufacture and repair of high reliability electronic systems sector.
Numerous companies (Key accounts or SME) have placed their trust in us: Airbus, Safran, and Peugeot/Citroen... You can find a selection of these companies on our « References » page.

Do you have any questions about our offers? You would like to know more about AEN? Don’t hesitate in contacting us either by phone at +33 (0)2 33 79 35 70 or complete the online contact form on our Website. We shall answer you rapidly and be as precise as possible.
We are situated in Normandy (we have also joined the SOTRABAN network of Norman sub-contractors), but we offer our services throughout France. We are therefore able to work with you whichever the region you come from.

You have now understood: order the electronic equipment you need at AEN! You shall be satisfied with your investment!


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