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Do you work in the aeronautical sector and are in need of a supplier?
For 20 years, AEN has acquired a precious know-how in the domain of the manufacture and repairing of electronic parts.  
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In the making of an airplane, nothing must be left at random: this technological marvel must profit from a deep expertise and the best components so as to avoid the risks of breakdown and accidents.
The major interest in contacting AEN: our company is specialised in the manufacturing of parts and wiring necessary for the functioning of an airplane.

 Our specialised aeronautical parts

Looking at our catalog you will notice that we propose the making of electronic harnesses, wiring harnesses which are necessary in the electronic circuits of airplanes.
They are submitted to rigorous quality control, carried out on 100% of production.
These connecting solutions can be of EN2997, D38999 types or of MIL Norm.

But other parts can be used in aeronautics: it’s the case of coils, cases (chassis), or electronic boards.
Find the technical characteristics of these diverse components in the dedicated sections.
For example, you can also see that our coils are issued from the development of specific technical processes, or even that following the development of a prototype, our circuit boards can be made in small batches.

For more information on any of the products that we offer, you may call us or complete the online contact form on our Website. You shall have a hasty response to your query.

customer references

Several important defenders of the aeronautical sector have placed their trust in us and work in partnership with us.
Thus we work with Airbus (defense and space service), but also with Safran, a company known for the  SMA diesel engine, destined for general light aviation.  

Since 2011, we are members of Normandie Aéro Espace ; a logical commitment after having obtained ISO9001 and EN9100 certifications.

Never the less, the services offered by AEN go beyond aeronautics. Thus companies from the rail or motor sectors contact regularly AEN for the design of high security wiring or made to measure parts. These, for example, are destined for motors or electronic networks.
In this domain, Renault or Peugeot Sport, well known makes of cars, are but a few of our references.

AEN proposes not only manufacturing, but also repairs. After a detailed review, the origin of the fault or breakdown is identified and the adequate measures are taken so as to solve the problem.
Our production methods are detailed in the corresponding section. Rigorous specifications are elaborated, listing in full the specific characteristics to which the electronic application must answer as to the request of the client. Then the process of manufacture and the conception of tools are defined so as to insure that the final product will be fully in line with the specifications.
In general a prototype is made, and then, once this is confirmed by the client, a large-scale production may begin.

Whilst browsing through our Website, you will see that AEN offers numerous supplemental services such as sheath marking, wiring testing, etc.
We use high quality equipment to make our products (See Electrical harness conception software, or crimping presses), which allow us to obtain items which are reputed for their solidity and their reliability. You now have all the information necessary to contact AEN, aeronautical supplier, and obtain the electrical equipment which you company needs!


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